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About Delray Addiction Medicine

At The Delray Center for Addiction Medicine, our outpatient detox program is dedicated to providing safe and comfortable detoxification services, that are at the same time affordable and convenient.  Our Delray addiction medicine outpatient treatment allows clients to retain the productive parts of their lives while regaining their health and learning the skills necessary to conquer their addiction.

Our outpatient program is based on a truly integrative detoxification and treatment model. At The Delray Center for Addiction Medicine, we believe that each client suffering from addiction is unique, so no single approach will be effective for all. Our detox and treatment programs consider all aspects of the individual’s medical and personal history and offer a variety of treatments that include the latest evidenced-based medicines to the most ancient eastern remedies.

Sobriety is a life skill that is rooted in self-awareness. It is far more difficult than just “don’t pick up.” Facing difficulties, while maintaining awareness is the foundation for building mastery and self-esteem. Staying sober without these is like trying to stay afloat on an anchor. With each day that one faces life challenges with courage, another board is set in place for building the boat that will soon sail safely in the sea of life.


Success in recovery depends on the quality of people by your side. The collective ability, experience and credentials of our outpatient treatment team surpass that of any other facility. Our team of professionals includes a multidisciplinary team of Psychiatrists, Therapists, Nutritionists, Exercise Physiologists, and Nurses– all dedicated to the health and welfare of each client.

The Delray Addiction Medicine philosophy can be summarized as the dedication to professional excellence and delivering the highest level of care to each client so they may realize lasting success.

Our programs offer a “12-step optional” approach, with a concentration on behavioral therapy that can either complement or replace the 12-step component. In addition, we facilitate SMART Recovery meetings on weeknights at our center in Delray Beach, that are open to all. SMART  (Self-Management and Recovery Training) is an alternative to traditional 12-step peer support groups, which helps individuals struggling with addictive behaviors. To learn more about our free SMART meetings, please call 561-266-8866.

About The Delray Center for Addiction Medicine

In August of the year 2000, Dr Raul Rodriguez, at the time still the Chief Resident in Psychiatry at the University of Miami Jackson Memorial Hospital, had just started his private practice in Boca Raton.  Dr Rodriguez quickly noticed an alarming trend: Almost all of the new patients were coming in severely addicted to the medication Oxycontin.   The sheer number of Oxycontin addiction cases presented Dr. Rodriguez with the new challenge of how to chemically detoxify these patients in the outpatient setting, in a manner where they would not miss any work.  Combining a number of the techniques he had learned at Jackson Memorial with some advanced protocols that were being utilized at Yale University, Dr. Rodriguez developed a new type of detox that he believed could meet the needs of these clients.  He attempted it for the first time on a patient who was taking over 600mg of Oxycontin daily, and would get fired if he called in sick one more time.  He performed the detox on a Saturday and the patient was feeling almost 100% by Monday morning when he went back to work.  Encouraged by his success with the first patient, Dr. Rodriguez tried it on the next several patients that presented with similar problems.  It worked for all of them.  Over time, Dr Rodriguez continued to perfect and refine his detox process, with increasing success.  He later realized he had developed the first form of rapid outpatient opiate detox that could have someone back to work in just 2 days.  Soon after, Dr Rodriguez developed a new form of outpatient alcohol and sedative detox that proved safer than traditional inpatient detox.  In over 15 years of performing outpatient alcohol detox, not a single one of his patients has ever had an alcohol withdrawal seizure or major complication. 

About Delray Addiction Medicine’s Co-Occurring Treatment Services

These new forms of detox pioneered by Dr. Rodriguez were very popular and his patient population grew quickly.  During that time, it became apparent to Dr. Rodriguez that other clinical trends were prominent in the population he was treating, especially eating disorders, anxiety, and treatment-resistant depression.  A decision to expand the clinical staff and therapeutic focus was made in order to be able to effectively treat these co-occurring conditions.  The senior clinical staff pursued advanced training in the treatment of eating disorders as well in Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT).  Full-scale outpatient programs were developed for the specialized treatment of eating disorders, personality disorders and treatment resistant depression.  A single building grew into a 3 building clinical campus.  

The integrative wellness approach to treating severe clinical conditions was a dream in medical school that became a reality in downtown Delray Beach.  Dr Rodriguez still identifies his move from Boca to Delray as one of the most critical decisions of his career.  In Delray, he assembled a team of highly skilled professionals to harmoniously deliver traditional clinical modalities such as individual psychotherapy, group therapy and psychopharmacology together with non-traditional elements such as acupuncture, massage, yoga, meditation, philosophical book studies, fitness, nutrition, and expressive therapies.  Patients found this combination to be stimulating, enjoyable and effective.  It is so much fun actually that almost all of the staff partakes in the very same acupuncture, yoga, circuit training, spinning, massage, and meditation modalities that are delivered to the clients!  Dr. Rodriguez is actually one of the spinning instructors.  This stems from his favorite pastime of road and mountain bike racing and his “moonlighting” gig as the general manager and owner of the Performance Fitness Racing Team.  That is just a part of the fitness and wellness culture that permeates the entire center. 

The culture of healing and wellness of the Delray Center for Addiction Medicine has long since extended beyond the center walls and into the community.   Dr Rodriguez and his senior clinical team have engaged in a number of community initiatives to raise awareness and facilitate access to treatment for a number of public health issues.  Dr Rodriguez has spoken on television about rising epidemics, such as inhalant and Kratom abuse, as well lectured at the national level on topics such as the psychology of addiction and implementation of urine drug testing programs.  The Delray Center remains actively involved with organizations such as Autism Speaks, MADD, the Alliance for Eating Disorder Awareness, the International Association for Eating Disorder Professionals (IAEDP), the Memory Wellness Walk, the Caring Kitchen, the DARE walk, the Community Garden at Swinton, and the Humane Society. 

Dr Rodriguez is also the founder of the Delray Therapeutic Model, which educates the local recovery population on how to select appropriate housing and qualified treatment providers.  Other outreach programs by the senior clinical staff have included involvement in the schools, free yoga for wounded veterans through the Connected Warrior program, providing support groups for the eating disorder community, and eating disorder educational programs for the clinical staff of other treatment facilities.  Future initiatives include awareness and educational programs on newer drug epidemics such as Spice/K2 and bath salts as well as a larger scale movement to implement drug testing in junior high and high schools.  The Delray Center believes in giving back to the community and in creating a safer world for our youth.  As a regular writer for Sober World, Delray & Boca Newspaper, and Simply The Best Magazine, Dr Rodriguez plans to use these platforms to raise awareness in the community even more.  The Delray Center Team is looking ahead to further development of the already active Delray Center adolescent programs and introduction of the senior adult programs for fitness, longevity, depression and addiction treatment.  Approaching his 20th year of clinical practice at age 46, Dr Rodriguez is shooting for a 50-year career with the hopes that one or both of his sons will follow in his footsteps and keep his vision for the Delray Center alive into the next century.