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Outpatient Amphetamine & Stimulant Detox


Few working professionals have the time or money to take 28 days off from work in order to receive treatment. Aside from the direct opportunity cost of lost income, they often lose their job from the extended absence or their business crumbles. Outpatient treatment allows you to detox without missing work in most cases.

24/7 Support

Our caring team of detox professionals are available 24/7 to assist if you require support throughout your outpatient detox. However, outpatient detox is usually done over a longer period of time then inpatient detox, which results in much less side effects and a gentler approach.

Amphetamine & Stimulant Detox

Amphetamines have become increasingly common as performance enhancement drugs, appetite suppressants in eating disorders, social use drugs, and as 2nd drugs of choice.  An amphetamine can easily become the new drug of choice, especially if consumed in the more dangerous form of crystal meth.  Even though amphetamines lack the typical full-scale physical dependence of an opiate, alcohol or benzodiazepine, they create a profound psychological addiction that can be more consuming than any of those three.  Subtle withdrawal symptoms can be present though, that reflect the internal neurochemical disruptions in the brain.  Medical treatment can effectively control these symptoms.

Amphetamine withdrawal symptoms can be greatly decreased with the use of different medication combinations, improving patient comfort and reducing cravings.  Patients usually continue working full time while undergoing this process, once basic stability is achieved.  Normal brain functioning can start to return once the neurophysiologic disturbance of amphetamine withdrawal is quelled by treatment. Patients that are successfully managed experience lower relapse rates and report a better quality of life.  It is also essential to manage co-occurring problems such as depression and anxiety, to improve quality of life and further reduce relapse triggers. Outpatient treatment is much more cost effective than inpatient treatment, with substantial additional savings coming from a much lower opportunity cost due to few or no missed work days.


Amphetamine addiction treatment is available for methamphetamine (Crystal Meth, Meth, Tik, Ice, methamfetamine, N-methylamphetamine, methylamphetamine, desoxyephedrine), dextroamphetamine (Dexedrine), Adderall, Adderall XR, methylphenidate (Ritalin, Concerta), Vyvanse, phentermine (Fastin), sibutramine (Meridia), diethylpropion (Tenuate), bath salts, and MDMA (Ecstasy).  Appointments are available at convenient times both before and after common working hours.  This usually allows patients to undergo detox while missing little to no work.