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Florida Drug Rehab

Over 17 million people in the U.S are suffering from alcohol dependence or abuse problem – that is over 7% of the population. There’s over 23 million people in the U.S suffering from drugs or illicit substance abuse.

Our Florida drug rehab center has been helping people for over two decades to safely and quickly detox from alcohol or substances such as cocaine, opiates, heroine, kratom, and more. Our clinic is led by the leading drug addiction medicine specialist Dr. Raul Rodriguez, who has extensive experience in the field.

Dr. Raul has developed an ultra rapid outpatient detox program can get you back to on your feet within 48 hours with minimal withdrawal symptoms. Our Florida drug rehab center combines medication-assisted treatment for opioid addiction with specialized psychiatric care, counseling, behavioral therapy, and a suite holistic services to help heal you, mind, body and spirit.

The Dr. Rodriguez Method for Outpatient Detoxification

After successful rehabilitation of opiate addiction, coming off suboxone medication has traditionally been complicated and sometimes risky. However, the “Dr Rodriguez Method for Outpatient Detoxification” (“RMOD”) method of suboxone treatment is the most effective way to come off of the medication. Developed by our clinical director and founder Dr. Raul Rodriguez, the RMOD method involves a combination of IV medication to rapidly accelerate the detox process in a matter of hours. Unlike other methods or clinics that may leave you “stuck” on suboxone medicine, the RMOD process has you feeling comfortable before leaving the office the same day and being able to go back home or to work.

Conveniently Located Florida Drug Rehab Center

We are located in Delray Beach, Florida, centrally located to serve all of South Florida. Our clinical center provides a holistic approach to drug rehab, and has additional amenities on site such as massage therapy, fitness center, yoga, cycling, a fresh juice bar, acupuncture, meditation studio, and more. Our attention to details and holistic approach sets us apart from other Florida drug rehab centers. Contact us to book an appointment to visit our center for a free consultation.

Contact Our Drug Rehab in Florida

If you’re struggling with drug or opiate addiction, contact us to learn more about our Florida drug rehab and treatment center. You can rapidly detox and be feeling your best more quickly then anywhere else. Regain control of your life, your family, and your livelihood. Contact us now.