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Outpatient Detox in Delray Beach, Florida

Dependency on alcohol and other physiologically addictive substances is one of the leading causes of death, illness, and lost economic opportunities in the United States. In particular, addiction to opioids has continually increased throughout Delray Beach, Florida and the rest of the country over the past two decades, and stronger synthetic opioids have made the addiction to opioids much more dangerous and potentially lethal. More and more families are unsure of where to turn for help when a loved one is suffering, because there are few effective treatment options available. Opiate detox withdrawal symptoms can be extremely uncomfortable, and in some cases dangerous if a detox is not monitored by a healthcare professional. The need for outpatient detox programs in Delray Beach is critical, and our rehab center provides the most rapid detox services available in the United States. This includes detox services not only for opioids, but also for alcohol and benzodiazepines such as Xanax, Ativan, and Valium – drugs that require longer, more gradual detox tapers in order to prevent withdrawal symptoms such as seizures. Our detox center provides care for other chemical dependencies such as Kratom addiction or high-dose methadone detox, which can be complicated and which other providers do not normally treat.

Delray Beach Cost-Effective Outpatient Detox

We know it can be difficult if a family member is struggling with addiction, which is why we provide effective, affordably priced treatment options for outpatient detox from opioids, alcohol, and other substances. The individual care received during outpatient detox is more cost-effective out-of-pocket than inpatient detox treatment, and most insurances cover all or at least some of the cost of treatment.

Developed by Dr. Rodriguez, our ultra rapid outpatient detox program can get you back to on your feet within 48 hours with minimal withdrawal symptoms. Our Delray Beach outpatient detox program combines medication-assisted treatment for opioid addiction with specialized psychiatric care, counseling, behavioral therapy, and a suite holistic services to help heal you, mind, body and spirit.

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