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Fact 1: Alcohol Addiction is the Most Prevalent

Alcohol may be legal and socially acceptable, but it’s the most common addiction in the US (after nicotine). In 2018, there were around 18 million people struggling with alcohol addiction. Due to how socially acceptable alcohol is, including binge drinking, many people do not realize they have an addiction or are abusing alcohol. However, alcohol addiction is a serious problem. It’s been estimated that in the US, one in every 13 adults abuse alcohol or has alcoholism issues.


Fact 2: Only a Small Percentage Seeks Help

Despite the high rates of alcohol addiction, a shockingly low number seeks professional help. Less than 10% of those suffering from an alcohol addiction receive treatment. Alcohol detox can be dangerous, especially without medical help. Symptoms of alcohol detox are intense, with the most serious side effects being seizures. If you need help safely withdrawing from alcohol, contact us today.


Fact 3: Alcohol is the Third Leading Cause of Preventable Death

Alcohol can be fun, but in excess, it can be extremely dangerous. Alcohol is actually the third leading cause of preventable death behind tobacco and poor diet and physical inactivity. An estimated 88,000 people die from alcohol-related causes annually. A third of alcohol-related deaths are due to suicide and accidents, such as car crashes, head injuries, or accidental drowning.


Fact 4: Alcohol Addiction has Serious Health Consequences

Death isn’t the only dangerous side effect of alcohol addiction. Those that struggle with alcohol abuse can develop serious health consequences. This includes liver disease, dementia, stroke, cardiovascular problems, and increased risk of cancer. Alcohol abuse can also cause mental issues, such as depression, and social issues, such as domestic abuse, physical violence, and unemployment.


Fact 5: Alcohol Addiction is More Common in Men

Statistics show that men are more likely to have alcohol addiction issues than women. They are also two times more likely to be involved in fatal alcohol-related car accidents. However, genetics play a major role in developing an alcohol addiction. Around 50% of the risk of alcohol and drug dependence comes from genetics.


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