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If you’ve been to our Delray Center for Addiction Medicine center, or are struggling with addiction, you may have heard about SMART Recovery. So what is it and how can it help with addiction treatment?


What is SMART Recovery?

SMART, Self Management and Recovery Training, is an organization that provides free support groups to those struggling with addictions. At our center, we hold weekly meetings Monday through Friday, which are free and open to the public. We also host additional closed meetings for clients enrolled in our Partial Hospitalization & Intensive Outpatient Programs.


During these meetings, individuals are taught self-help tips designed specifically to help them avoid addiction behaviors, such as doing drugs or drinking. SMART-certified staff hosts all meetings. Tools are taught to help people build a positive life with healthy habits and choices.


Is SMART Recovery like the 12-Step Program?

While they share many similar goals, SMART Recovery is not a 12-step recovery program is not the same as Alcoholics/Narcotics Anonymous. SMART avoids labels such as “addict” and instead focuses on the behaviors. During meetings, attendees are encouraged to share their struggles or issues. Unlike other recovery programs, SMART Recovery focuses on growth and problem solving, not the past. The program believes focusing on the past can reaffirm damaging belief systems.


How does SMART Recovery work?

SMART Recovery is based on cognitive behavioral therapy, specifically Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT). REBT is based on the idea that thoughts create feelings, and feelings create action. By managing beliefs, one can control emotions and prevent self-destructive actions.


There are four key areas in SMART Recovery used to increase awareness and promote change. They are enhancing motivation, refusing to act on urges, managing life’s problems in an effective way, and developing a balanced and healthy life.


Want to learn more about SMART Recovery or are interested in joining a meeting? Contact us today!