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Suboxone is an approved medication used to treat opiate addiction. It’s used both for opiate detox and to help prevent relapse. Here at Delray Center for Addiction Medicine, we have been successfully using Suboxone treatments in Delray Beach for years. This medication helps reduce opiate cravings and opiate withdrawal symptoms. But how do you know if Suboxone treatment is right for you?


Suboxone Might Be Right If You:

  • Prefer to give yourself medication and undergo treatment at home. Suboxone is usually prescribed and then taken by the individual at their own residence after they have undergone medically assisted withdrawal.
  • Worry about abuse of other alternative medications. The other popular opiate detox medication, methadone, has a much high abuse rate which is why we always use Suboxone.
  • Have a history of relapsing. Suboxone doesn’t only help with withdrawal symptoms, it also prevents relapse.
  • Have prescriptions (such as HIV medication) that may have an adverse reaction to other alternative medications. Always provide your doctor with a complete list of medications you are taking so that they can safely prescribe you the right medication.
  • Would be open to attending counseling or therapy session. While Suboxone is great for the physical symptoms, addiction often comes with other mental disorders such as anxiety and depression. Addressing these issues is key to preventing relapse.


Suboxone Might Not Be Right If You:

  • Don’t want the responsibility of giving yourself medication. Not everyone wants or can handle this responsibility. Be honest with your ability to take medications on a schedule.
  • Are allergic to buprenorphine or naloxone. Please disclose any medical allergies to your doctor and report any allergy symptoms.
  • Are taking medications that may react with Suboxone. Always disclose a full list of medications you are taking to prevent any reactions.
  • Are pregnant or are trying to get pregnant.
  • Have a kidney, liver, lung, or respiratory problem. Suboxone may make these issues worse.
  • Want Suboxone to satisfy you until you can find more illicit opiates
  • Drink alcohol while taking Suboxone.



Always consult with a medical professional before beginning suboxone treatment. You can contact us here to discuss whether this is the right treatment for you.