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Suboxone treatment has become the go-to option for opioid addiction. If your doctor has determined suboxone is the best course of treatment for your addiction, here is what to expect when you begin taking it.


There is an Induction Phase

Everyone reacts differently to medication, so doctors will begin you on Suboxone in what is called an induction phase. The initial dose will be low, usually somewhere between 2-4 mg. This initial dose will usually be taken under supervision in case there are any serious side effects. The dosage afterward may increase depending on withdrawal symptoms and the level of drug dependency.


Don’t Expect to Work

It can take a while for the body to get used to the new medication. While people are able to function normally on Suboxone, doctors usually recommend you don’t plan on working during the first day. It’s best to give your body time to adjust.


Withdrawal is Required

In order to start suboxone treatment, you need to be already be going through withdrawal. This means you can’t start taking it right after your last hit. Different doctors and clinics have various rules regarding how long they like you to quit opioids before beginning so check in beforehand.


It Takes a Bit to Work

Suboxone doesn’t provide immediate relief. On average it takes 20-45 minutes for the medication to start working. If your symptoms get worse it’s important you contact a medical professional. Most people feel significantly better at the end of day one once the medication begins to fully work.


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